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Lazar is a primary source in this conspiracy, he  claims to have been fired from his job at the Clandestine military base for showing friends a saucer flying on grounds. His word was the most evidence for this theory,  going to court over it. Lazar claimed to have gone to college at calTech and MIT,  who went on record to say that they have never had him enrolled. Lazar was criminally charged for operating a high tech brothel. In said case, Lazar produced something to prove himself, physical evidence he had worked at the nevada base. A W-2 form of income smaller than one thousand dollars, that of which he claimed to have been given and paid by the Department of Naval Inteligence. Said form was put into question, for no such department existed, rather an Office of Naval Inteligence within the Navy. Lazar later pled guilty to pandering.           

There was however, solid basis for what Lazar claimed, that of developing flying technology. This includes the aformentioned U-2 plan that was  allegedly shot down by a Soviet anti-air missile in 1960, and the aformentioned A-12 plane. the strong presence of UFOs in the area was likely due in part to the very real aircraft tests that have been documented in now declassified files.  


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