Constructed in 1955, roughly 120 miles north west of Las Vegas somewhere between mile marker 29 and 30 along State Highway 35, an unmarked dirt road can be seen. This road leads to a military base that has taken on the name area 51. This was allegedly built during the Cold War after then, CIA, Director, Richard Bissell, Junior, needed a private base to build and test prototypes. The Nevada test site began with developing the U-2 plane that could take flight at an altitude of 70000 feet. That U-2 plane was then allegedly shot down by a Soviet anti-air missile in 1960 immediately after the CIA had begun developing an A-12 plane design to be nearly undetectable to a radar.

It wasn't until the late 1980s when a man alleging to have worked at the site claimed the government was holding recovered, alien spacecraft. His name was Robert Lazar. Lazar had said that area 51 housed, alien spacecraft, and his job was to re-create technology for the US military to utilize. At the time engineers at area 51 were in fact, studying and re-creating foreign advanced aircraft. 

In 1952 after an odd series of radar and visual sightings reported near the national Airport of Washington DC, the CIA established an expert panel of scientists to investigate. They contributed the sightings to astronomical and meteorological phenomena and earthly aircraft, balloons, and birds. However, parts of this panels report were kept classified until 1979, fueling the public's suspicions. In 2013, the US government officially acknowledged area 51. This was after many recorded UFO sightings in the area. SEE WHAT REALLY HAPPENS AHEAD   


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